Custom Software for the Department of Defense

In 2016 Volant was selected to establish a cloud-based architecture that integrates existing and emerging capabilities for the access, ingest, analysis, and fusion of intelligence and command and control (C2) data in the USINDOPACOM Area of Responsibility (AOR). A key challenge for designing and developing the solution was the lack of well-defined requirements at project initiation. The initial capability gaps were very high level in nature and detailed requirements had to be captured from end users based at  USINDOPACOM.

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— Secretary of Defense, Ash Carter, 2015


The Challenge

The key challenge was the initial capability gaps were very high level in nature and detailed requirements had to be captured from end users based at  USINDOPACOM.  Volant’s approach to addressing the key challenge was to participate in numerous site visits, including participation in USINDOPACOM military exercises, and to leverage agile best practices and DevOps principles to solicit frequent feedback directly from end users. This application of agile development and frequent deployment to ops (DevSecOps) and frequent interaction with end users enabled the Volant team to more accurately understand the end user’s need and to decompose the initial high-level requirements into specific software capabilities that were appropriately aligned to true mission needs.

Features of our Solution Include:

  • Command and Control of Intelligence
  • Reuse of DI2E Capabilities
  • Defined by the User

Delivered Capabilites Include:

C2I Dashboard:
   • Web-based tool to organize and visualize JIOC plans and production, to include the following:
   • Decision Points (DP)
   • Priority Intelligence Requirements (PIR)
   • Friendly Forces Information Requirements (FFIR)
   • Essential Elements of Information (EEI)
   • Requests for Information (RFI)
   • Joint Integrated Prioritized Collections List (JIPCL)
   • Component Prioritized Collections Lists (CPCL)
   • ISR Status
   • Watch Log
   • Night Orders
   • Battle Rhythm
   • Integrates data from Coliseum, JIOC Product Portal, IP Tool, BVI/Rome systems
   • Supports import from Excel, and export to both Excel and PowerPoint

JIOC Targeting Cell Tool:
   • Web-based set of capabilities to build “living” Target System Analyses (TSAs) and to manage the Target Development Nomination (TDN) process
   • Build models of target systems
   • Perform critical factors/vulnerability characteristics assessments
   • Define targeting strategy
   • Manage TDN workflow/processes
   • Provide workspace for building target remarks and materials prior to dissemination to JTT/MIDB systems
   • Auto-push quality controlled and approved target remarks to MIDB system
   • All capabilities utilize the same object-based data store
   • Semantic linkages maintained between target system models, analysis, strategy, and TDNs
   • Ingest data from multiple data sources (MIDB, Fishnet, DIODE, MPED, etc.)
   • Hosted on C2S to enable collaboration across JWICS

Download: Custom C4ISR Software

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